Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sometimes my Wednesday adventure to the comic book store provides some additional perks. Anything superhero that has Japanese writing is supreme geek and must be a part of my house. DYI network and HGTV network take note: this is what really people want in their homes.

Kotobukiya, I love you.

Now on to my comic books purchased this week:

Action Comics #6

Batman Detective Comics #6 

Not too much this week on my checklist. My bank account is smiling. 


 Is it just me, or are the new Superman comics lame? Yes, I know that most of the Marvel fans out there are going to agree...but as someone who has been reading comics again (faithfully, weekly) for 1+ year, I expected more out of Superman. Action Comics had better art than Superman--but I am just not a fan of Grant Morrison's writing so far. I have heard and read endless praise about Morrison's work, so I was surprised at my lack of fondness to it. 

Perhaps I am just not willing to take the approach of filling in the void as Morrison shuffles his way through story lines leaving much up to the reader.  I understand this is his style—do I like it? Not really.

Every issue of Action Comics in the new 52 I always find myself saying to my husband “It had potential. It just wasn’t executed.”

I am a little hesitant to buy "All-Star Superman" to see if that would change my mind about Morrison.  Should I or shouldn't I
So what comics of the new 52 am I collecting?

Action Comics
Detective Comics
The Dark Night
The Flash
Justice League

What is my young son collecting?

Batman Brave and the Bold
Young Justice
And soon Green Lantern

What would I like to collect?
A Marvel series that intrigues me. Any suggestions?

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